Monday, October 05, 2009


Who doesn't love Zombies? Wholesale guilt free carnage on your fellow man that is trying to eat you right?
Zombieland is a horror-comedy. It's not as corny as say Sean of the Dead (which was also hilarious) or as ridiculous as the Scary Movie series. It lies somewhere in between and just sucks the marrow out of my funny bone!

A geek, who is labeled “Columbus” (Jesse Eisenburg) calls the world “Zombieland” after a supervirus turns most everyone into a zombie.  “Columbus” finds an unlikely friend and total opposite of himself “Tallahassee” (Woody Harrelson) a good ole boy, and then the two of them encounter sisters “Witchita” (Emma Stone) and “Little Rock” (Abigail Breslin).  The street smart girls are trying to get to Pacific Playland so they can have just a little moment of feeling like kids again.

We follow them along on their road trip as they learn to trust each and as they deal with the ever present zombies. There is a great cameo by one of the kings of comedy films. You'll have to see the flick to find out who. This was a fun popcorn worthy event, but don't take the kids, as zombies tend to eat them. 

The hardest thing for me when the inevitable zombie apocalypse does indeed come, will be trying to hide how excited I will be!  Check out Zombieland, a perfect Halloween movie!