Thursday, November 23, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Royale

I am a huge bond fan. Of course no one can out class Sean Connery, but I did think that Pierce Brosnan was the best looking bond and I loved his films.

I was disheartened when the franchise decided not to continue with Pierce, and I did not like the looks of the new guy, Daniel Craig.

However, a bond film is a bond film, and I was willing to give Craig a shot. While I still don't agree with his looks, or even his on screen charm as a perfect bond, he did an excellent job with the role. Casino Royale captured the style and feel of a some of the Connery films and yet added its own fresh style at the same time. We see the smooth, elegant, charming Bond, but at the same time a rough on the edge, sometimes out of control Bond as he learns the ropes (sometimes painfully) as a super secret agent.

The film had a great story, and thankfully the arch villan was not over the top and there was even a twist or two in the plot. And even no "over the top" stunts we have seen in recent bond films. They kept it simple, and I liked it.

This is a MUST see! Check it out or be eliminated!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Flags of Our Fathers

Shouldn't the title be FLAG of our fathers? I mean the movie is about the men that planted the FLAG in the famous picture taken in Iwo Jima. Although in the movie we learn that it was the second flag being planted on the hill that got in the picture. So maybe that explains the plural of the word flag in the title.

It was a good story, about the lives of the men that planted that flag, but the film was no Saving Private Ryan. Check it out!