Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Royale

I am a huge bond fan. Of course no one can out class Sean Connery, but I did think that Pierce Brosnan was the best looking bond and I loved his films.

I was disheartened when the franchise decided not to continue with Pierce, and I did not like the looks of the new guy, Daniel Craig.

However, a bond film is a bond film, and I was willing to give Craig a shot. While I still don't agree with his looks, or even his on screen charm as a perfect bond, he did an excellent job with the role. Casino Royale captured the style and feel of a some of the Connery films and yet added its own fresh style at the same time. We see the smooth, elegant, charming Bond, but at the same time a rough on the edge, sometimes out of control Bond as he learns the ropes (sometimes painfully) as a super secret agent.

The film had a great story, and thankfully the arch villan was not over the top and there was even a twist or two in the plot. And even no "over the top" stunts we have seen in recent bond films. They kept it simple, and I liked it.

This is a MUST see! Check it out or be eliminated!

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