Saturday, July 18, 2009

Public Enemies

I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan (who isn’t?). He always plays these ludicrous characters! His role as the Mad Hatter in the upcoming Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland adaptation is case in point. I guess it all started with Benny and Joon or was Edward Scissor Hands first? Either way, Netflix them if you haven’t seen his early work.

So I was a little surprised to see him play a historical figure like John Dillinger in Public Enemies. He is a talented actor and can no doubt pull it off it’s just unusual to see him in a “normal” role. The movie follows the last days of the notorious bank robber who’s crime spree in 1933 captured the attention of the nation and the newly forming FBI. Christian Bale is also in the movie playing FBI agent Melvin Purvis who is charged with capturing Dillinger. His rather flat role and droll speech is in stark contrast to the flamboyant lifestyle of the charismatic bank robber who often jokes with the media after being captured.

It was fun watching the film’s story unfold and kept my attention despite a few scenes that dragged a bit. With all the summer block busters rolling by, you will probably miss this one, so catch Public Enemies on Netflix or your favorite movie rental place in the near future.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter movies, but I don’t think this last one was the best. I get that it was supposed to be rather “dark” but that is not the issue I had with the film. There was just way too much high school romance going on with – one character loves this other character but they are seeing someone else – and the love potions and concoctions, etc. etc.

They could have cut all that out or lessened it, and it would have been much better in my mind. Finally I was a little disappointed with the ending. Apparently in the book there is a huge wizard battle at the end. We got none of that in the movie. Some are saying the film makers got lazy.

This was a “set-up” movie, much like Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. It leaves you wondering “What now?” I will tell you what now. For the final installment of the series, they plan on splitting the last book into two movies! Warner Brothers is certainly reluctant to end its Harry Potter cash cow. So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one will come in November 2010 and part two in July of 2011.

If you are fan, then of course you will enjoy seeing the characters on the big screen once again. This film will continue to be successful. Overall I enjoyed the film and loved the performance by Alan Rickman (Severus Snape). He is always fantastic. He draws his words out like a “buzzard pulling at entrails.”

So check out the latest Harry Potter and wear your shoes to bed if you sleep walk!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

More robots fighting, more Megan Fox, this super-sized sequel to Transformers is every adolescents dream! What’s not to love?

I enjoyed the film and if you liked the first one, then the sequel is must see material. But there were a couple of problems I had with the movie this go around.

First the language was a bit much. I’m no prude, but it would have been nice if Michael Bay had just made an exciting robot smashing action film and left out the bad language and sexual innuendos. There was a little of that in the first movie, but it wasn’t glaringly obvious like it is in the sequel. My ten year old is dying to see this one, and I can’t take him due to the fact that I don’t want him learning words that should not come out of a ten year olds mouth.

Nothing would have been taken away from the movie if the crassness had hit the cutting room floor. Secondly, Sam’s (I can’t spell his last name) parents were adorable in the first movie. The clueless but attentive parents added the perfect comedic balance to the seriousness (as much as a robot movie can be) of the situation.

In Revenge of the Fallen however, I thought they were way over-the-top. Almost to the point they were just annoying rather than funny. Fortunately John Turturro reprises his role and saves the day with several good laughs!

But those things aside, it was a fun ride seeing the transformers in action again. I wouldn’t be surprised if we will get a third movie. I am sure you already have, but if not, check out Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!