Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman Returns

The man of steel is back! This film borrows a lot from the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeves. Borrows a lot of lines. One thing noticeably missing is Lex Luthor's dufus toady, played by Ned Beatty. In the new movie, lex's thugs are all business, mean and nasty.

As to new comer, Brandon Routh, I have to say I liked Christopher Reeves 'Clark Kent' better. I thought Reeves was much funnier. On the other hand, Routh makes an excellent Superman.
The film goes a bit long. Seems Hollywood is making them that way ever since that little Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But overall I enjoyed the film. If you are a superhero fan... then fly faster than a speeding bullet and check out the return of Superman!

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