Friday, June 15, 2007

Fantastic Four: ROTSS

Don't count on the Fantastic Four to save you! Count on the Silver Surfer!! He stole the show! The Fantastic Four was anything but fantastic. All they did was bumble around, talk about having babies, switch powers, and generally fall flat. The human torch was pithy and wity as usual, but that was as good as it got.

A cosmic doom is coming to earth and the Silver Surfer is the harbinger of death as he arrives to punch holes in the planet so this dark space cloud can suck all the energy out of the planet's core.
With with the help of their old friend Dr. Doom, they try and catch the surfer.

This movie felt a lot like the first one. The actor's still feel like they are trying to get a handle on their character's. There wasn't really anything awful, but at the same time nothing...well fantastic. The surfer dood on the other hand was very cool. (pardon the pun).

The cgi effects were well done and film has a lot of eye candy, and the F4 get a fancy new flying car to cruise around in. Bottomline, if you are a marvel fan, a F4 fan, then you'll go see this film and enjoy it. Otherwise, save it for a movie rental.

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