Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So what's the answer?

"most of us live out our lives hiding who we really are, and what we're stuggling with, and keep all of those things deep below the surface. because we don't want other people to know who we really are. so we suffer in silence in our - loneliness, our unhappy marriages, our strained relationships with family members, or try to drown them out thru drugs, alcohol, sex, or just the frenzy of never slowing down. and in our hatred of ourselves we live in our private little prison. and we ALL do it."

-Kal Busman

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-Bill said...

Here's the answer:

"we've heard all of the sayings before:

i'm barely treading water,
i feel like i'm drowning,
i can't keep my head above water,

etc. why? because life can become so overwhelming and so over powering that it feels just like drowning. and you feel helpless and powerless to do anything about it. even the little bit that it would take to keep just enough above the surface to stay alive is getting pushed down by life.

so... what is the answer? you can't control the waves? you can't always control the circumstances of your life. so what can you do? you work on your buoyancy. what does that mean? it means that even with the most severe of storms and with gigantic waves crashing over you, if you can find something big enough and strong enough to keep you afloat... you'll survive. most people who struggle against the pressures of life, and don't make it aren't buoyant. they don't have people, organizations, a relationship with God, or any kind of support that will help keep their head above the surface when life gets to be too much... and they drown.

so... how about you? when life gets to be too much... even if it's just a foot of water, who is in your life that can help hold you up until you can survive on your own? do you have friends that you can absolutely count on? adults in your life that you can look up to and ask for help? how about a relationship with God that can give you strength and perseverence? let me encourage you to find buoyant people and place them in your life. people that you can bare your soul to. and tell them things that you don't feel comfortable telling anyone else. and when you find a few that are trustworthy i can promise you...

you'll find that you're not alone."

-Kal Busman