Monday, December 24, 2007


An excellent film, albeit a bit depressing at times. You can't stop Will Smith, he continues to be prolific on the screen in a variety of movies over the past few years.

Legend is about the near extinction of the Human Race. A virus has turned everyone, except Robert Neville, a military scientist, into zombies that hide in the dark. Colonel Neville and his dog Sam seem to be immune to the virus and he is determined to find a cure and restore humanity to its earth polluting, religious and political infighting, and genocidal glory. (Thanks Will!).

This film reminds me a lot of Tom Hanks' Castaway. Will spends several years alone and begins to fantasize and talk to manikins. The transformation of Manhattan to an overgrown deserted ruin is very impressive on the big screen. It makes me go "How'd they do that?"

This is a great film based on a great book. Check out I AM LEGEND! But only during the day, please!

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