Monday, February 16, 2009

The International

I loved Clive Owen since I saw him play King Arthur in Arthur. However since then, he has been in some real stinkers (IMHO); Children of Men, Inside Man, and the gosh awful Shoot Em Up. However, he may have finally redeemed himself in The International. He plays a determined Interpol Agent trying to bring an International bank to justice that has killed anyone who gets in its way.

Owen’s character, Louis Salinger, is slightly over the top at times, but never got too annoying. He gets help from Naomi Watts (Eleanor Whitman). She helps balance his character out and their chemistry works fairly well.

The film’s plot doesn’t get overly convoluted but has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. It’s kind of like a giant episode of Law and Order. There is also plenty of excitement as well. A fabulous shootout at the Guggenheim in New York! They must have recreated the museum on the set because they shoot that place literally to pieces.

This was a much better day at the movies than when I saw Taken and I recommend this film over it. So if you win the battle with your wife or girl friend on whether to see a “chick flick” (He’s Just Not That Into You) or a guy movie, then check out The International. If you lost that battle, then you have my condolences.

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