Saturday, April 04, 2009


Most people either like or don't like Nicolas Cage. I fall in the generally-like category. I like his voice and onscreen quirks. Lately though I have noticed that they have trouble with his hair. They are always dying it jet black and the style (if you can call it that) looks horrible. Next and Bangkok Dangerous are just a couple of examples I can think of. It looks passable in this movie.

But enough about the main actor (and his hair), what about the movie, Knowing? The story or the premise deals with determination versus chaotic randomness. Does everything that happens in our world or the universe have meaning or a purpose? Or is it all just a cosmic accident that we are even here?

A scientist's son gets a strange piece of paper from his school's 50 year old time capsule. He notices that the numbers written on the paper correspond to tragic events that take place on earth. 9/11 for example. He frantically starts trying to figure out what events will take place next and he tries to stop them. Will he succeed?

I must say the special effects for the three disasters that happen are outstanding. They were jaw dropping and I think it's worth seeing this film on the big screen just for those stunning sequences! Really well done.

The story makes you think and wonder if and when all this stuff we call life on planet Earth might end, so I give it an extra star for making you ponder long after the credits have rolled.

So if you want an exciting film, that keeps you wondering to the every end (pardon the pun), and you like contemplating the meaning of life then definitely check out Knowing!

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