Monday, September 28, 2009


Surrogates is the new sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis who plays an FBI agent in a near future world where crime is low and almost everyone uses an android like replica of themselves to do the daily functions of life including their job. Real people lay around at home in an easy chair or their bed with a headset on, while their “surrogate” goes out into the real world. Things turn ugly when real people start being killed with a special weapon that attacks the surrogate’s neural system.

The story wasn’t bad, but I thought the premise of the film was the best part. Imagine reclining safely at home while a younger looking robot version of yourself travels about doing your job, grocery shopping, picking up the kids, etc.

Surrogates has decent character development, interesting characters, and a little forced drama, but with the interesting premise it is definitely worth checking out. Bruce’s young surrogate’s hair seems to channel the blonde hair cut from The Jackel (also a good movie!) but it was neat to see a young Bruce Willis back on the big screen. Lay back, put your headset on, and send your android to the theater to check out Surrogates!

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