Saturday, November 14, 2009


I should really max out as many credit cards as possible over the next two years seeing as how we are all not going to be here after December 21, 2012. (According to the Mayans) The new movie 2012 gives us a vivid picture of what the End of Days just might look like.

I love me a good disaster movie. I grew up watching Towering Inferno, Poseiden, Airport, etc. I am also a huge John Cusack fan. So put the two together and it's better than a Reese's cup. I had the same giddy feeling when I saw Knowing starring Nicholas Cage earlier this year. Both are great disaster films, but I think the scenes in Knowing were a little more impressive than 2012. The disaster sequences looked or felt more "real" in Knowing.

In 2012 the story opens in 2009, the earth's core is heating up thanks to massive solar flares, alarming an U.S. government geologist (Chiwetel Ejiofor). He informs the White House chief of staff (Oliver Platt), who rushes to inform the President (Danny Glover), who eventually confides the news to his beautiful daughter (Thandie Newton). Three years later, and a small time writer named Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) picks up his cute son and daughter (Liam James and Morgan Lily) at the home of his ex-wife (Amanda Peet) and her new boyfriend Gordon (Thomas McCarthy). Jackson takes the kids camping at Yellowstone, where he meets a useful mountaintop crazyman (Woody Harrelson) who predicts the end of days.

Then hair raising world ending disaster ensues. It is a non stop series of over the top near escapes as we follow Cusack and his family trying to escape certain doom. Will they make it?

These latest entries into the disaster genre up the ante. No longer is a disaster confined to a specific location or event like a Volcano eruption, a.k.a. Dante's Peak, now the whole planet is wiped out. What will Hollywood do in the future? Destroy the universe? Oh wait....there is no future. Live everyday like it is the last day. But hurry to the movies and check out 2012 before it's too late!


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