Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hello World!

Well I finally created a blog. I'm a bit late jumping on the band wagon of this geeky computer reveloution. I mainly have delayed jumping into this because like creating a family website, I will not keep with this or post often. In fact inside of three weeks, I'll probably forget I created it.

But for the same reason I created a family website, I decided to create a blog just to say I had done it. I digress. Well its done or started.

All I have to say is that I am sitting in a Country Inns hotel room in Chattanooga on a business trip for TVA. The inn is fabulous, high speed internet connection (bring an Ethernet cable), excellent breakfast (waffles!), and your room has a living room with table, couch and kitchenette.

So here I sit typing away and watching my favorite show - LOST I also like 24, My Name is Earl, and of course SURVIVOR


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