Friday, September 30, 2005

Serenity Now!

Thank the lord... I'm home!

The day started off crappy when I went out to the rental car, (the new Chevy HHR) and the battery was dead as a Louisiana nursing home patient.

Yep, seems some moron left the lights on. Heck I thought a new fangled car like that would have sense enough to turn its own lights off. Not so. Oh it has auto lights to be sure, but I've never had "auto" lights and did not know you have to engage them.

Anyway 45 minutes and 30 bucks later I am on the road to K-town.

And now I am late to my movie. (See yesterday's post.)


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-Bill said...

My mom said I shouldn't make jokes about the Louisiana nursing home patients. I wasn't making a joke as much as I was raising the awareness of the tradgedy.

People have got to be more prepared for disasters. Being prepared is the best way to avoid or survive natural and man made disasters. Are you ready if our nations infrastructure collapses? What if nuclear bombs go off in all our major cities? Be prepared!