Saturday, October 01, 2005


I was rudely awakened this morning by my 2 year old, Kyle. It's hard to be mad though as I peek out from beneath my warm covers at his smiling cherubic face. I give him a smile and rub his head. "Daddy is nite nite," I say. (which translates to I'm trying to sleep here dood).

He giggles as if to say "Not any more dood!" He dashes out of the room and down the hall to his waiting cereal bowl. I roll over hoping not to see him for another 30 minutes. Yeah right. With in seconds he returns with a sticky cereal marshmallow in his hand and offers it to me. "No thank you," I reply. "You eat it." He giggles again and pops the packed, processed sugar into his mouth. I only feed my kids the best.

Ryan is at a friend's house and they will be bringing him to the soccer field at 2:00. I mention to Lyn that that will be in the middle of the UT vs Ole Miss game. She suggests that I stay home with Kyle (who will be napping at that time) and watch the game. She will go to the soccer game.

Now I'm not the biggest UT fan out there, but I like to watch the most unpredictable team in the SEC and I'd like to see what craziness they do especially after their miracle win over LSU.

Well that's my day in a nutshell.


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