Monday, October 10, 2005

Dungeons and Dragons II

The first D&D movie was a major disappointment to most gamers. Will the sequel redeem itself? D&D II premiered on the Sci-Fi channel this weekend. The first movie had a higher-quality "A" movie feel to it. Big name actors like Jeremy Irons. The sequel, which only has Bruce Payne reprising his role as Damadar, has the distinct "B" movie quality and premieres on cable rather than the big screen.

It was fun to watch. The sequel was no Lord of the Rings, but it did seem to capture the feel of the table top game. A party of adventures are summoned to save the land from impending certain doom. They even referenced a few of the old school modules in the film. They also had a few more special effects than the first movie. They were cheesy, but I appreciated the attempt. While the gamers will be the movies' toughest critics, it was after all made for them.

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