Saturday, October 29, 2005


Knoxville, TN - Halls High School - It is said that in the late 1970's a young girl was having a fight with her boyfriend at the top of the stairs by the office when he pushed her and she fell to the bottom of the stairs. He left her to bleed to death. When the boyfriend got nervous, he went back to where he had left her and she wasn't there. No one knew where the girl had went. She was filed under "missing persons" and no one ever found her. One year later on the day of her murder, the boyfriend was on his way home from a party when he was stabbed and killed and left for dead. No weapon was ever recovered nor was anyone ever convicted. It is said that it was his high school girlfriend that came back from the dead to avenge her murder.

Supposedly, many strange things happened in that stairwell that caused the school board to close it up. The doors are locked and it now leads to nowhere cause it has been built up at the top. There are many boxes of storage in there and no student is to be allowed in there at anytime. At night it has been reported that janitors can hear arguing, and sometimes you may even hear something falling down them.
I went to Central High, but Halls is just down the road. Scary.


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Jetting Through Life said...

Come'on!!! I was reading it in the dark! I actually got scared for a split second!! Haha!!