Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thank God it's NOT Monday

Sunday. The first day of the week. A day of rest, reflection, oh and Walmart.

It's a mixed bag for me, for Sunday heralds the coming of Monday. Monday means returning to the headache factory, the salt mines, the cubicle farm where one finds row after row of boxes filled with human compost. The fluorescent lights overhead suck the life force out of you right through your eyes.

It wasn't always like this for me. I used to look forward to going to work. I enjoyed it. And I thank God for my job, I really do. I get a decent computer, with a large monitor, internet access, and I get to make cool maps. The pay and benefits and my co-workers are very good as well. Then why do I dread Monday? My wife used to say I should be doing cart wheels in the morning when I get up because I get to go to such a job. Over the years though, I have seen any chances to advance diminish. I don't care how good the job is, everyone has a need to feel like they are appreciated for their hard work and years of service by being rewarded with opportunities to take on more responsibilities and greater challenges. These have been few and far between.
In addition, for whatever reason, our workload and projects have dried up with no new endeavors on the horizon. So our group begins to wither. When this happens in an organization and comes to the attention of upper management, rather than try and save the dying appendage, it is usually ... Pruned.

So that's why I hate Mondays. There are small groups of people in favor of restructuring the weeks as we know them. They propose a six day week with each day having twenty-eight hours. The day they would eliminate? Monday. Oh yeah, they have my vote.

At least the VOLS won again, and the movie I saw, Serenity was very good, if you like sci-fi action flicks with a dash of horror and a splash of humor thrown in.

Well I will do what I always do and try to make this excellent weekend last all week till the next one.


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