Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Too much TV?

Ryan played at the neighbor's house last night so it was just me and little man Kyle. I drug his four and a half foot plastic basketball goal out and we shot hoops together. This was after the fifth time he had asked me to lift him up to the rim of the "big" goal so he could make a basket.

Jim, had come over the other night and was kind enough to lift him up in the air to make a basket. Jim's two feet taller than me. I can barely get the boy up there. Thanks Jim.

But he was satisfied to get his own goal out there and he directed me to place it right next to mine. Fun was had by all.

My Name is Earl comes on tonight, that's a funny show, I don't care who you are. I heard that people watch eight hours of TV a week on average. Doesn't sound like it but that's a lot of TV. At least with DVR and Tivo we are watching less commercials. That's good right?

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO–Jonathan Hargrove, a Colorado Springs-area peeping Tom, expressed exasperation Tuesday, when a fifth consecutive victim did nothing more with her evening than watch hours of television. "I thought peering in on strangers would be more, I don't know, exciting," said the 44-year-old Hargrove, speaking from his hydrangea-bush hiding place. "I guess I somehow expected other people's lives to be more sexy or interesting than mine." Hargrove did note, however, that Big Brother 6 is "really starting to heat up."


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