Thursday, October 13, 2005

Touchy Feely Show

LOST was good last light, but nothing really intense happened. That's ok, every show doesn't have to be a life or death cliff hanger.

The main focus was on Hurley, and I love that character, he's a hoot.

We finally get to see the rest of the passengers for flight 815 and that they have been hiding in one of the other bunkers. And that Roses' husband, Bernard is in fact alive. Good Show!


Jetting Through Life said...

I thought the show could have been better... It's becoming more of a soap opera than a drama.

-Bill said...

Yes it certainly has some soap opera to it. But I never watched soaps, so I will live with it for now. :)

Jetting Through Life said...

Soaps are seemingly hoaky, but lure you in to tune until next time. They have me hooked! So mission accomplished!