Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I hate networks.

Arrrgh! Three weeks till a new LOST. Why! Why do they torture their devoted fans? I'll end up getting out of the habit of watching and then miss the next new episode.

Oh well, my problems pale compared to Katrina victims and people in the path of Wilma.

Tomorrow Lyn, Ryan, and I are going to go for a hike to Laurel Falls, in the Smoky Moutains. He is out of school, so we took the day off. He has been begging us to take him hiking. If you never hear from me again. Start searching at the Falls. I won't be lost, I'll be passed out from the hike. I'm so not in shape.

Fortunately it is a short hike. The paramedics should be able to reach me quickly.

Remember, you're never lost if you don't care where you are.


Jetting Through Life said...

Have you tried watching Prison Break??? Ooooh! Good show! I am hooked! Lost was alright... "the Others" were a little weird, but good cliff-hanger at the end!!

-Bill said...

No, I haven't seen Prison Break. I have heard it is a good show. I may need to DVR it!

Jetting Through Life said...

You won't regret it!! I saw something where they are having a "marathon" of the show Saturday or Sunday. You will thank me later! Don't watch it around your boys though... A little graphic at times!