Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bomb, James Bomb

Well it's a sad day for me. I just found out Daniel Craig is the new James Bond.

Can you tell I'm not happy? I had heard rumors that the franchise was not doing as well as the producers would have liked. I had also read that they felt they needed a YOUNGER, more "hip" bond to draw in the younger crowd and create a whole new generation of Bond fans. While I can agree and understand that line of thinking, how is choosing a blonde, blue-eyed, Daniel Craig that looks older than Pierce make sense? Look at that receding hairline! He's anything but young and hip. I thought they'd find a British version of Matt Damon (Bourne Identity) or even Leo Dicaprio.

Very disappointing. Especilly since Pierce Brosnan was still willing to carry on in the role. Well I hope the new guy bombs at the theater. Then maybe they will listen to me! Will I go see the new movie when it comes out? Oh yeah.

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