Friday, January 27, 2006

Movie Friday

An odd little film with two main actors and two supporting actors. The film is right up Pierce Brosnan's alley, but I can't decide if Greg Kinnear was the best pick for his role. Although in the film Brosnan's character remarks that they are exact opposites. So in a sense perhaps Greg was the right choice.

The Matator is about an assassin that meets a regular businessman in Mexico and a tenuous friendship develops. Jullian Noble, (Pierce Brosnan) finally confides in Danny (Kinnear) that he is an assassin. Danny doesn't believe him at first but Jullian finally convinces him.

Months later we find that Jullian is losing his nerve and becoming washed up. His boss decides to kill him and Jullian runs to suburbia seeking Danny his only friend in the world for help. The two incongruous men, Jullian a sex maniac, and Danny, a settled down family guy (although he and his wife think its cool that they know an assassin), become life long friends.

It was an interesting film and even though Pierce is scraggly looking rather than the suave gentleman he usually plays, he is still charming as a killer and I enjoyed seeing what he would do after leaving the Bond franchise. Cheers!

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