Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DVD Tuesday

Stunning visuals, facinating characters, and a solid epic story. Welcome to Narnia.

Four kids enter the timeless world of Narnia through the door of a wardrobe piece of furniture while playing hide-and-seek. And what a world it is. There are talking animals, dwarfs, giants, beasts, centaurs, and indescribable half-human combinations. And, in this world of Narnia there is a titanic struggle between the White Witch and her evil army and the good lion Aslan and his noble army.

It's an inspiring film for adults and young children.
Check it out!


Jetting Through Life said...

I loved this movie!!! I took my daughter to see it in the theater and it was amazing. I cried like a baby!!

Haven't seen you around much...

HOpe all is well!


-Bill said...

Yeah life has been interesting as of late. I feel suspended and at the same time the springs activities are kickin in!