Saturday, April 08, 2006

Movie Friday

Plenty of sex scenes and dead bodies. Should I stop right there and give this movie, Lucky Number Sleven, a must check it out?

I would except that at first I didn't think I was going to like the movie. It started out weird and got weirder. Plus the director was using stuttered shots, like you might see in a horror film when a zombie is coming down the hall at you. First the zombie is far away, then the screen flashes black and suddenly the zombie is halfway down the hall, screen flashes again and boom the zombie is right next to ya!

Then the next thing that seemed hokey to me for lack of a better term was the two kingpin mob bosses. The "Boss" played by Morgan Freeman, and the "Rabi" played by sir Ben Kingsley. These guys for the past twenty years have been bitter rival gangster lords. Each locked in a highrise tower in New York....across the street from each other. Add to that the goofy goons that work for them and I was wondering what had I gotten myself into. And what's with the freaky wallpaper!!???!?

But alas! I found, at least the rest of the cast, Bruce Willis, who plays Goodcat the assassin, Josh Hartnett as Sleven, and Lucy Lui, as Sleven's love interest were quit brilliant. Add to that, the story unfolds ever so slowly and comes together ever so nicely and the horror flick tricks go away (I think) such that I found myself really enjoying the film and didn't want it to end.

It's a story of mistaken identity, (is it?), revenge, (but whose?), and love, (but lost?). Well I haven't told you much about the film, but I can tell you it is indeed a MUST check it out!

Please place your trays in the up right position and head to the theater now.


-Bill said...

I think they pulled a "Kansas Shuffle" on me. (See the film for an explanation) Cause I liked it!

Jetting Through Life said...

You took a week off?? Not allowed!!

Happy Easter to you and your family!


-Bill said...

LOL. Yeah I had the boyz Friday!

Happy Easter to you as well!