Friday, March 30, 2007


This movie reminds me of the Bourne Identity. Which is better? Well I haven't seen Identity in a while, so I'm not sure but I think I liked Bourne Identity a little better than Shooter. Mostly because Bourne Identity had a more interesting hook, Jason Bourne couldn't remember who he was. Still I enjoyed shooter, even if it got a little campy at the end.

It starts out introducing us to Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlburg), a special forces sniper. The mission he is on doesn't end real well and three years pass and we find Bob being a recluse in the mountains, a hunting dog his only companion, almost a una-bomber type, except he does use technology.

Well one day the government shows up saying they need his expertise. They play on his patriotism and he says he'll help. That's when the plot and the plot twists kick in. This movie didn't "WOW" me like Casino Royale or 300, but it was a great matinee. Wahlburg does a decent job, and looks cut for the part. It also stars Danny Glover who should really just stick to Lethal Weapon sequels.

If you haven't seen 300, go see that. If you have seen it and are looking for something new at the popcorn stand, take a shot at Shooter and check it out!

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