Friday, April 06, 2007


Okay, funny remarks....oh wait, I never get ANY remarks! Yes I saw an animated film this Friday! I got two boys that love ninjas, mutant turtles, and lottsa of fighting!! The boys were outta school so it was only fitting to raise them in the Friday tradition of catching a flick.

As to the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for those of you not in the know) movie, I thought the animation was amazing! Not that bubble-gum looking eye candy that PIXAR and DISNEY usually shovel. It was dark and REAL looking. Loved it. IMAGI Animation studios did a superb job.

I liked the rockin soundtrack as well, scored by Klaus Badelt. There were a few powerhouse voices provided by the likes of Patrick Stewart (Maximillian Winters), April O'Neil gets an upgrade in this version and gets to kick some bad guy butt with the Terrapin Tornadoes. She is voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar, (Go Buffy!). The film is narrated by Lawernce Fishburne.

The story was mediocre. I had hoped they would avoid the infighting between the reptilian brothers, and just let them fight stuff, but it was not to be. Mostly Leonardo and Raphael are at each other's throats. But there is plenty of fighting monsters and of course their arch enemies the Foot Ninja Clan. Thankfully Shredder was not the big bad guy of the film.

Well if you want to see some great animation and you have some mutants of your own at home. Load em up in the mini van and head to the movies!

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-Bill said...

I guess I'll comment myself! I forgot to mention that I heard New Line Cinemas, the same studio having LOTR/Peter Jackson issues, had the rights to TMNT and let them expire. Warner Bros. quickly snapped them up and turned them into a shiney new dime.

New Line needs a shake up at the top!!