Friday, April 20, 2007


I loved this movie! If horror flicks of the "Psycho" genre are your thing, then Vacancy is a must see! It was an intense thrill ride. A bit predictable, but director Nimrod Anatal (I'll have to think twice before calling someone a nimrod now), more than made up for it with an excellent cast, Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, and he never let the suspense die down from start to finish.

Amy and David Fox are lost on the back roads in the middle of nowhere. We quickly learn their marriage is falling apart and as it turns out, so is their car. They end up stranded at a flea bag, roach infested motel managed by Frank Whaley (Mason).
But they don't get any rest here as they soon learn that guests literally check-in but don't check-out. Mason is running a little snuff-film factory at his motel, and Amy and David realize they are the stars of the next film.
I was a little afraid Luke Wilson would revert to his usual sleepy eyed and dim witted drawl when he spoke, but I was pleasantly surprised he sounded like a normal married man on the edge of divorce. He did a great job and casting him turned out to be a good call. Same goes for Frank Whaley being cast in his role. He usually plays snarky side kicks for comedy relief but he pulls off the snarky psycho bit rather well. I guess it wasn't much of a stretch to go from laughs to screams!

If you're looking for a good jump out of your seat scream flick, check out Vacancy!

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