Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem

I LOVE the Aliens and Predator franchises! So when I heard they were creating the first Aliens vs Predator movie, I was as thrilled as Rosie at a HoHo convention. I was totally on board and couldn't wait to see it. Maybe I was as over hyped as a Hilton, but the movie was a huge let down!
Sure it had its moments, but overall I was disappointed. I think they tried to make too much out of it and they tinkered with Alien doctrine. In addition, I wanted Aliens running through the city streets! The first AVP takes place in the isolated arctic.
So I was skeptical when I saw the trailer for Requiem, here we go again (and here goes my money) I thought. But at least this time I do get my Aliens running through the streets! I have to say this film was a bit better than the first AVP, however I was taken aback by a few choices the writer made. Maybe I am getting old, but I feel there are a few images/scenes that Hollywood should shy away from. For example, in the opening scene of POTC - At World's End, they don't show a young boy get hanged, but Disney IMPLIES that he does indeed swing from a noose. Likewise in AVP-R we have a young boy and his father out hunting together when they are assaulted by the spider-like "face-huggers" (Have you hugged an Alien today?)
Subsequently as we all know, face-huggers beget... that's right, "chest-poppers". Now that's something I didn't need to see happen to a young boy! Why couldn't it have been two adult hunting buddies? I know, I know spoilersville, but it doesn't take two plus two to figure out what was going to happen to them, and I may be sparring some of you the horror! Wait! Isn't that why we go to these type movies in the first place? There's another part later in the film that deals with pregnant ladies, I'll spare the belly-popping details (oops-too late!), but I didn't care for that either. (I am getting too old).
So what about the rest of the film? Well it was mediocre. I mean the fight scenes between the predator and the aliens was pretty good, but the acting was sub-par. There was no Arnold to save the day, and while Reiko Aylesworth, (Kelly) did her best Sigourny Weaver impression, it still fell a little flat.

If you are a huge fan of the Predator and Aliens franchise, then by all means, check out AVP-R, otherwise go see National Treasure and catch AVP-R on cable or rental! Cheers!

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