Saturday, January 26, 2008


If the first John Rambo movie was titled FIRST BLOOD, then this latest installment should have been called MORE BLOOD (and gore). Good grief, this was the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan the whole freaking movie.

I have always loved the Rambo series. A story about a man who is trained to survive and kill whenever he is pushed. He has to come to terms with who he is and what he is. In this (final?) film he comes full circle.

We find our sullen hero catching snakes in Burma for the local deadly cobra snake show. John Rambo hates his life, his job, his boss, and the world. He cares for nothing and no one. Until a group of missionaries shows up and wants him to take them up the river to deliver medicine and aide to an embattled tribe of people who are being ruthlessly attacked by the thuggish military.

Rambo tells them he will not help them and they should go home. (Ahhh the reluctant hero bit). But one of the missionaries, Sarah Miller (Julie Benz), is persistent and keeps coming back to challenge Rambo and his pessimistic view of the world. Of course she quickly convinces him to take the job and the non-stop killing begins.

Rambo still kicks butt with a bow, and carries a big knife, but I really missed his clever jungle tactics, and his surprise attacks on the enemy. In this movie, he joins forces with a group of mercenaries and everyone, good and bad use guns and bombs, and sometimes pigs to rain violent, gory, and bloody death on each other. Don't get me wrong, I love a good shoot out, but this was ....pardon the pun... overkill.

All in all it was a decent story, with a bit of over the top acting, and way to much killing. But if you are a RAMBO fan and can handle the senseless violence, then by all means strap on your head band and check out RAMBO!

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