Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fool's Gold

A fool and his money are soon parted. Was that the case when I purchased a ticket to Fool's Gold? My honest answer is...Maybe. I mean on one hand it's Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, the cute and funny couple from How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Could they recapture the chemistry for this movie? They try and succeed mostly, but overall the film never really takes off. At first I was onboard, hoping McConaughey would channel his character from Sahara and it would be an entertaining and exciting adventure. But at several points in the movie, I lose interest. Even with a supporting powerhouse actor like Donald Sutherland (Nigel Honeycutt), he didn't bring his "A" game as a dottering old rich man.
Benjamin (McConaughey) and Tess (Hudson) Finnegan are married treasure hunters on the brink of divorce, but they can stay together if they find one last famous treasure that they have been searching for the past few years.
They are out of money, but find an friend in Nigel Honeycutt and his pop tart daughter. The film tries to build a backstory with Nigel and his daughter's tenuous relationship. Meanwhile a rapper/gangster (Kevin Hart) provides the suspense and comic relief as he races to find or take the hidden treasure from the Finnegan's.

The movie had it's fun moment's but I have to recommend you check out Fool's Gold on cable some lazy Sunday or Saturday afternoon!

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