Saturday, March 15, 2008


Maybe it was my low expectations, but this movie turned out to be...not so bad! I had fun watching it. The acting wasn't so bad, and it had a post-apocalyptic theme much like the Mel Gibson's Mad Max and Road Warrior films. There was also a splash of Escape from New York.

In fact, I wonder if the main protagonist Katherine Sinclair's (Emma Cleasby), loss of her eye was a nod to Kurt Russell's Snake Pliskin. At least everyone in the movie didn't keep saying, "I heard you were dead!" Sinclair's only tick was that she regularly bummed a cigarette.

The movie starts out with a super "Reaper" virus killing thousands of people around Glasgow. So they build a steel wall and separate Great Britain in half, leaving everyone north of the wall to die. But several survive the virus and create their own societies. One of them led by Kane (Malcolm McDowell).

Several years later the virus breaks out again and they send in Sinclair to find a survivor in the original containment zone. She leads a team of commandos and they battle with the cannibalistic warriors that live there. They only have 48 hours. Emma Cleasby reminds me a lot of Kate Beckinsale and her Underworld character, Selene.

So if you are a fan of the Road Warrior movies, post-apocalyptic films, or human barbeque, then by all means dye your hair purple and check out Doomsday!

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