Saturday, March 01, 2008

Vantage Point

For an hour and a half we see the same scene replayed over and over but each time from a different...Vantage Point. About the second to last time they rewind the scene to play it again I was thinking to myself--"If they rewind this one more time, I will be over it." I was ready for the film to move forward. With each replay, we get more and more pieces of the puzzle till it all comes together in the end.
Was this gimmicky style interesting enough to hold my attention? To get me involved in the story and the characters? Well Like I said, about one more time and I would have been frustrated. But as it was, the story was easy to follow. It was a simple plot and unfolded nicely so that you didn't have to think to hard. In fact the script was almost too tidy. They throw in a little twist here and there but again, easy to keep up with.

The film stars, Dennis Quiad as secret service agent, Thomas Barnes, Matthew Fox as agent Kent Taylor, Sigourney Weaver as a news producer, Forrest Whitaker as a tourist, and William Hurt as the president. The President is in Spain for a summit against global terror. (And surprise, the terrorists are there too!) But before he can say a word, he is shot on stage. That event is replayed over and over based on about seven or eight different people's perspective.
I thought it was an interesting idea, but some people will find the "rewind" annoying while others will be teased and engrossed while waiting to see where it will all lead. The actors did a good job, although there was no room for getting to deep. They each had their single motivation and followed it to the end. They try to add a little depth, the tourist has family issues, the secret service guy has taken a bullet for the president before and is just coming back on the job, the Spanish cop (Eduardo Noriega) is worried about his brother, and the news producer is dealing with ornery reporters and camera men.
Overall it was a good story, with a very intense ending! If you don't mind the replaying of the opening scene and find it alluring, then you will enjoy this movie. So check the batteries in your cam corder and check out Vantage Point!

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