Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

This is the third installment of the Mummy series. Hey if it's making money why stop? Brendon Fraser reprises his roll as Rick O'Connell, but Rachel Weisz is AWOL. Instead Maria Bello replaces her as Evelyn "EV" O'Connell. They mix things up a bit this time around with the O'Connell's having a boring life and a grown up son, Alex O'Connel (Luke Ford).

But they keep the same formula as the previous films. Ancient mummy comes to life, tries to kill them, Insert comic relief by John Carnahan (John Hannah) and add a crazy pilot (Liam Cunningham) named Mad Dog Maguire. Luke Ford plays O'Connell's son pretty well but he is no Brendon Fraser. I liked Maria Bello better than Weisz for the Role of O'Connell's wife.

The film starts out as Alex O'Connell follows in his father's footsteps in discovering ancient trap filled tombs. Meanwhile back at home Mom and Dad are living a boring, dull life. And I don't know if it was intentional, but the first half of the movie was rather dull and boring as well. A far cry from the relentless action packed trailers that have filled the TV screen nightly for the past four months! Could they over-promote a movie anymore than this one? There is even an Olympic/China tie-in trailer.

Things don't get interesting until of course they awaken the mummy and the action finally begins. But as I said before, nothing new here. Jet Li as the Emperor was a nice choice but he was not as charismatic as the previous mummy, Imhotep played by Arnold Vosloo. They tried to add a new twist with a love interest for Alex O'Connell but it felt forced and you really didn't care for the character's too much.

But Overall, if you are a fan of the previous two mummys (well same mummy TWICE), then you'll have to see this one. This film seems to herald the end of the summer block busters. It has been a fabulous year for movies!

PS- You may not know or care, but a prequel film, The Scorpion King starring The Rock was created from the first Mummy movie. Well in the theater they showed a trailer for the prequel to the prequel if you can believe that! The Scorpion King 2 goes straight to DVD 8/19!

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