Saturday, August 16, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This animated feature film was better than I expected. The action was furious, almost too much action! How many times can we see a droid sliced in half by a light saber? How many times can we see a Jedi use the force to retrieve a dropped saber and turn it on in the last second to block an incoming strike?

But you can't say the movie was boring. However I did not like the movie's premise. And by that I mean the mission Anakin and his new padawan are sent on. I won't spoil it but I thought the story was weak and a bit silly. Not Jar-Jar silly, but still...maybe I am getting to old for Star Wars. *gasp*

The animation was a bit "blocky" and a different style, but I didn't mind that. The soundtrack was the most surprising! I loved it. Even the familiar opening music seemed to have an edge to it and there were new beats and rhythms I have not heard in the previous films. I'll have to get the score.

Overall if you are a Star Wars fan boy, you'll go see this, and if the kids are dying to see it, then by all means pick up the plactic red/green/blue/purple light saber off the playroom floor and check out THE CLONE WARS!

PS- From what I hear, this is a pre-lude to a new animated series coming to Cartoon Network.

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