Sunday, October 12, 2008

Body of Lies

If you like watching Russell Crowe take his kids to soccer and look over the top of his glasses for two hours, then you'll love Body of Lies. Actually it wasn't that bad. But they would have had a much better film without Crowe's character. Don't get me wrong, I have huge respect for Russell Crowe and he is an amazing actor. But I feel he was miscast for the part.

Dicaprio did a decent job, making me believe he is a hard core CIA field agent, he almost over sold it. But I thought he did a solid job. The film carries the message that the Iraq War was a bad idea, but it doesn't cram that message down your throat, it's more subtle.

The film seems to lose a little steam toward the end, but it picks back up for the grand finish. There's a little cross-cultureal love story thrown which we could have done without but they needed it for the big finish.

Overall the movie accomplished what it set out to do, but you'd be just as satisfied Netflixing this one at home, check out Body of Lies by putting it in your queue in a few months.

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jamesbrunt said...

sure it is a grate enjoyed it very much
as always Leonardo DiCaprio was fantastic with his performance
saw it from the first release at
hoping it will climb up in later dates in charts