Saturday, October 18, 2008

City of Ember

You are kinda just along for the ride on this movie. Based on a book (children's?) it's the tale of an underground city created by scientists during a nuclear holocaust taking place on the surface. They fill the city with babies and a few guardians that will grow up underground for generations over the next 200 years.

It's illegal for anyone to venture out into the darkness surrounding the city, but as the city's generator begins to fail, and food supplies dwindle, two young kids decide to find an exit from the City of Ember.

It's not a bad tale, and they try hard to create suspense, they try hard to develop the characters, but it was lacking overall in drawing me into the world that they have created. I was constantly aware that I was in a movie theater, just watching a story unfold. I never felt a part of it, never felt drawn in.

I enjoyed the performances by Tim Robbins, Martin Landau (I thought he was dead), and even Bill Murray as the mayor, but it wasn't enough for me to recommend rushing to the theater for this one. Check City of Ember out on video or Netflix!

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