Sunday, June 07, 2009

Land of the Lost

I grew up in the seventies watching the two seasons of the TV series, Land of the Lost. I was really hoping this movie would be a glorious reboot of that creative show. It wasn't
I mean I get that Will Ferrell is a comedian and he has his moments but I had hoped this wouldn't be another "Will Ferrell" flick. It was. Full of language, and sexual innuendo (this is no kid's film), and he even manages to offend Christians by making light of Jesus. (don't get me wrong, he did it in Talladega Nights and Christians do have a sense of humor, it was funny).
But overall I think the audience is getting over the tired Will Ferrell humor train. Box office sales were disappointing for LOTL on it's opening weekend, especially considering the film cost 100 million to make!
I'd definitely wait for the DVD rentals to check this one out if at all, cause soon it will be Lost in the Land of forgotten movies.

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