Thursday, June 04, 2009

Terminator Salvation

They're back!
Those pesky human killing machines have returned to the big screen. Not sure if this one could be called the best of the series, but I definitely enjoyed the movie! I am a big fan of the Terminator franchise and I am still bitter that FOX canceled Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

This film is of course set farther into the future than the other movies and we finally get to see a grown up version of John Conner (Christian Bale). I will say the overall look of the film was awesome! Great action and excellent CG effects as one might expect.

The story was adequate but it flitted from character to character and the two main characters, John Conner and Markus battled for attention and so that resulted in weak character development for everyone. I really wanted the whole movie to be just about John Conner and his struggle to save mankind since the premise of the war against the machines is based on him. So I was a little disappointed in that regard. But there were pletny of throwbacks to the previous movies that were great.

Bottom line though, it was a great ride and I hope they make another one. So if you want to live, go check out Terminator Salvation before you are ..... Terminated.

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