Friday, February 24, 2006

DVR Friday

No movie today, I decided it would be more fun to lie on the couch and DIE from the flu.

Weakly my hand reached out to the floor for the silver remote where it was resting, waiting to be crushed underfoot by a six year old or an almost three year old who had knocked it off the end table in the first place.

Teasingly my finger tips brushed the rubberized buttons as I tried desperately to use my Jedi Powers to will the controller into my hand. I gave up and lay there moaning. With great effort I sat up and shuffled over to the remote.

I pulled up the menu to my DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and selected the next episode of Battlestar Galactica season 2.0 (They don't just call it season two, cause 2.0 turns geeks like me on). The episode, "Black Market", starts out showing a tense scene between Lee Adama a.k.a. Apollo and the current leader of the fleet's black market, who happens to be... black. Coincidence?

It's actor Bill Duke, who I haven't seen since he played Sergeant 'Mac' Eliot in Predator. He looks exactly the same. Talks the same too. Then the scene fades to black and the words "48 Hours Earlier" pop up. This is a neat dramatic effect shows and movies use to show you what took place leading up to this tense scene we just saw. It's a great effect, if you only do it ONCE per season. They had just done the same thing two episodes ago. Come on writers if you use a theatrical effect like that, don't over use it! And yes more than once a season is over use. It makes me roll my eyes and say, "boring," "been there done that," and makes the effect trite. IMHO (In my humble opinion).

Anyways, I forgive them, the episode rocked. Check it out.

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