Saturday, February 11, 2006

Movie Friday

Was it a predictable plot? Yes. With a predictable "everyone lives happily ever after" ending? Yes. Was it Harrison Ford kicking butt even though he's old enough to be your grandfather? Yes. Did I like the film? Heck yeah!

I Love Harrison. Good ole Han Solo, good ole Indiana Jones. He has not lost his charm or his everyday man's hero appeal. The film sets just the right amount of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out how Computer security specialist Jack Stanfield (HARRISON FORD) is going to get out of the next jam and save his family that is being held hostage by a pompous British wanker.

Two thumbs up, check it out!


-Bill said...

It was funny to see Mary Lynn Rajskub playing Ford's secretary in the film. She plays Chloe O'Brian on FOX's 24. What's funny is, that I couldn't tell the two character's apart. They had nearly the same personality and demeanor.

Jetting Through Life said...

I want to see this, but god he's getting OLD!!!!!!!

Hope all is well!