Saturday, May 03, 2008


If your reading this, you probably have already seen Ironman. It's the first summer blockbuster and I don't know anyone that is not rushing to the movies this opening weekend to see it. And if you're not then you probably don't care what I think about the film. (But I'll tell ya anyway)
I was a hugh Batman and Spiderman fan growing up. I collected everyone of those comics I could get my hands on. So I never really followed Ironman. Sure I'd see the comics on the stands. I was like, "Big Deal, a man in a robot suit! Who cares?" After seeing the movie, I wish I had at least picked up a few of the comics to see what he was all about.
I loved the movie! It's a must see at the theater! I am now an Ironman fan. At first I was a little leery of Robert Downy Jr. (Tony Stark/Ironman) playing the lead role. (Not as freaked out as I was when I learned Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice) was going to play my hero Batman) but Keaton did a great job and Robert Downy nailed the Tony Stark role. (At least in my superior opinion).
The movie follows a super rich and super smart inventor of the highest tech weapons on the planet. A bad guy even tells Tony Stark that once he has enough stark weapons, he will rule the world. Tony revels in selling his shock and awe weapons to the military and living a playboy life-style with the proceeds. Until one day his eyes are opened when his convoy is attacked and people are killed with his own weapons, plus he learns his company is selling weapons to both sides of the conflicts in the world.

So to fight this injustice, he literally has a change of heart and builds his greatest weapon ever; Ironman.
The film had a lot of humor mixed in with it, which was just the right amount, no over the top love stories aka Spiderman. (Hey I'm not knocking Mary Jane!), and plenty of robot action.
I liked that they took the time to show the testing and development process Tony went through to create Ironman in this formative first film. That's right folks, stay tuned to the end after the credits to see a peek of what's coming in Ironman 2. Plus maybe catch a cameo appearance of Tony Stark in the upcoming Incredible Hulk sequel.
Jeff Bridges (Obadiah Stane) plays Tony Stark's mentor, and father figure. He had a very different look! I liked it. And Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) is his assistant/love interest. So if you like the super hero movies, heck if you don't like super hero movies, go check out Ironman!

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