Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Strangers

The trailer seemed very intriguing and I was excited to see Liv Tyler (Kristen McKay) as the leading lady. The premise of the film was very similar to the 2007 film, Vacancy, that starred Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson. In both films the couple has relationship issues and they are trapped in a secluded area, and attacked by sadistic psychopaths.
However, The Strangers is just another slasher movie and brings nothing new to the genre. I hated the way the movie ended. I thought is was uncreative, unimaginative and disgusting. The movie uses old tricks to illicit the few scares and thrills that is does have.
There are several better movies out right now and more summer blockbusters coming, so save your movie bucks for those and pass on The Strangers!

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