Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Incredible HULK

Two Liv Tyler movies back to back. WooT! Well I am a week late with this review!! Sorry, been busy. Kid broke his arm and stuff :(
Let's just cut to the chase on this one shall we? THIS HULK was better than the last Hulk or the First hulk movie. (Even though I didn't think the first one was too bad.)

But having said that, it was still not as good as IRONMAN. So if you haven't seen Ironman, see it first! But if you are a marvel fan then you have already seen Ironman and by now Hulk. It is a must see for the superhero movie fan.

Norton did a good Bruce Banner. It was nice to see them give a nod to Bill Bixby at the start of the movie, and of course Stan Lee makes a customary appearance. (Maybe that Hulk Juice finally did him in!) And the surprise cameo at the end was cool, like the one at the end of Ironman. At least they didn't make you sit through the credits this time.

Hey go see this movie or .... HULK SMASH!!!!!

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