Saturday, June 28, 2008


I did not have high expectations for this movie, even with the star power of Morgan Freeman (Sloan) and Angelina Jolie (Fox). It looked like it could really be silly and ridiculously over the top. And at times it certainly was, but it kept me along for the ride anyways. I was on board, and ready for a popcorn flick with plenty of stunts and cgi.

James McAvoy (Wesley Gibson) did a decent job and overall I enjoyed the film up until the big finish. That's where it went off the rails, literally. The end was so silly and over-the-top that I was sad for it. If they had just carried through and not gotten so crazy, it would have been a fun flick all the way, but this was a case where I hope the DVD has an alternate ending!

By the way, kudos to Trojan for their product placement, I am sure sales will sore, especially watermelon flavor. With Blockbusters still rolling out like WALL"E and THE DARK KNIGHT, I would catch Wanted on NetFlix or Cable!

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