Friday, November 14, 2008

Madagascar 2

Your favorite animals are back. (No not Jim Belushi) This time they escape from Madagascar with the help of the lovable and unstoppable penguins! Only to land a short distance away in Africa where Alex the lion is reunited with his family. There he must fight off the schemes of a conniving second lion that wants to dethrone his father. (Steal much from the Lion King?). Alex's father, Zuba is voiced by the late great Bernie Mac.

It was a great sequel, but they spent a lot of time in story exposition, character development, and sub plots like a love triangle with Melman and Gloria. I thought they should have had less of that and more of the laughs. There were just to many "serious" moments for a kids movie.

I mean sure through some stuff in there for the adults, but don't lose sight of your target audience. Other than that small criticism, the movie was a blast. King Louie (Sacha Baron Cohen) was hilarious as usual and the penguins need their own film!

Check out Madagascar II pronto "doll-face!"

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