Friday, December 26, 2008

The Spirit

The Spirit is, pardon the pun, shot in the same "spirit" as SIN CITY was. Meaning blood is either bright red or stark white. It has the cheesy lines, the absurd over-the-top action, that defines this rather new style, or the Frank Miller style, just as you can spot a Tim Burton movie five miles away, Miller leaves his indelible and bloody thumbprint on his movies.

Well the film definitely accomplishes whatever it was that it set out to do, and knowing what I was in for, I was able to claim that I had an hour and a half of entertainment. (That's why we go to the movies right?)

There is no Oscar winning performances here, and no heart-felt or even a tree hugger message to walk away from this movie with. Perhaps that's the point. Maybe that's the point of comic books from which this film gets it source material. We buy it, we read its gritty frames, and we escaped into someone else's world for a few hours.
So if you want to escape this color filled existence and delve into some mindless black and white ogling of hot females and big guns, then by all means check out The Spirit.

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