Friday, December 19, 2008

YES man

There's only one question to ask. Should you go see this movie? YES!

I usually pan comedies on the big screen, thinking that I don't need the theater to see a bunch of witty one liners. But for some reason (the smell of buttered pop corn) I decided to stroll over to the Riviera and check out Jim Carrey's latest pursuit of hilarity.(He's still got it!)

Karl (Jim Carrey) is recently divorced and down in the dumps as a result. He's clammed up and shut everyone and everything out of his life. Until an old friend invites him to a motivational seminar and he decides to give the program a try. Things immediately begin to turn around for him as he goes through life saying yes to every opportunity. He even finds a new love interest (Zooey Descchanel).

So I suppose this was really a romantic comedy hidden in the packaging of a comedy, cause I didn't pick up on that in the trailer. I know i'm going overboard here, but Carrey is really charming in this movie and the film exceeded my expectations. It does drag a little at the end but quickly rebounds for the candy coated happy ending we all know and love.

This was a fun ride and makes a great date movie! So don't be a NO man and check out YES man!

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