Monday, May 04, 2009

Crank 2: High Voltage

Yeah I saw it. So sue me. I love Jason Statham. And by "love" I mean a strictly platonic appreciation of his on screen presence. I first saw him in The Italian Job (2003) and thought he had potential.

So when I saw I had somehow missed Crank, in which he stars, I immediately ordered it on Netflix. It was an unusual film to say the least. Crank 2 is just as twisted and bizarre as the first one. In Crank, his character, Chev Chelios (I want to say Cheerios) is injected with some Oriental ninja poison that's going to kill him in an hour unless he keeps his adrenalin pumping.

He manages to stay alive and the sequel picks up where the first one left off. To the very second. In this continuation of the insanity, his prized heart (cause it withstands the poison) is stolen and replaced with an artificial one. But alas the battery pack only lasts for a little while and now he must keep shocking himself (see where the High Voltage comes in?) to stay alive as he tries to get his original blood pumping organ back.

This movie plays out like a video game, the main character never dies, just like a video game and this fact makes him so appealing as the invincible protagonist. Crank 2 never takes itself serious and neither should you. I only watch, like a car wreck you can't turn away from, to see what weirdness happens next.

This type of movie is not for the faint of heart (pun fully intended). I recommend Netflix, but watch Benjamin Button and Valkyrie first. In fact Netflix will probably be your only venue as I am sure it will be out of theaters by the time you read this. Cheers!

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