Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Trek

I was a huge Star Trek fan when I was a kid (and still am). So I was totally pumped up to see this new "reboot" of the franchise by J.J. Abrams. I was not disappointed! Just like they brought Spock back to life in the third movie with the original crew, Abrams has breathed new life into a favorite Sci-Fi universe.
This movie gives a fresh look at how the original Enterprise crew comes together. It is an action packed film with very little to complain about. Zarchary Quinto totally nails Spock! I was worried about having visions of Sylar from HEROES, but he does such a great job of channeling Spock, that I never even thought of his other show. His voice is not as deep as Nimoy's but that isn't really his fault.
Chris Pine does a decent job of subtly channeling Kirk, and some of his mannerisms. Unfortunately he has a couple of scenes that turn out to be a little "hokey." I'll blame the writers for that rather than the actor. For example he has an allergic reaction to some medicine that doctor McCoy gives him and is causes him to have "Fat Hands." Now I am sure the scene was meant to be funny and humorous (what's the difference?) But it just came across as silly to me and should have made the cutting floor.
I was surprised that Nimoy had such a major role in the movie. I thought perhaps just a cameo. But in the end I guess it was a good way to "pass the torch" over to the new crew. I loved the film and hope they make five or six with the new crew. All the other actors did a great job with their characters and each was given ample screen time to make their characters shine.
So if you have never been a Trekkie, now is the time to start people! Set phasers to kill, and drive at maximum warp speed to the local theater and check out the new Star Trek!!

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